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 Try to install new update...

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PostSubject: Try to install new update...   Fri Apr 11, 2008 10:35 pm

hello all my beloved members and friend, how are you all, hows new maps and new thing in 2moons?
my problem here is, i already try to unistall the old software and install the new one but couldnt make it...
damn make me to much troble
guys, for your all attention, i think i cannot get back my id, 2moons admin
makes alot thing to me , the ask go send this, send that and many
things that i couldnt give them
so, i think gona make new one characters to online back in 2moons
but, yea
asian couldnt register new one
how could i register new one.. and one more , if i can register my problem is, how im gona install new version?
ahh.. this makes me sick
what im gona tell you all , that now im busy with my fathers company
coz someday i will take over his place to handle it...
damn.. i wish im still 15 hahahaha
just want to know you all that i never ever forget you all
once more, i think,slime gona be new guild leader for our beloved clan
with all my trust, i know slime can handle it,and all the members still love us, thank you very much...i have a nice time play with you all
true friend will never end.i will keep active in this forum even im not play in 2moons .
lastly,but not least from me.
I still love you all and still miss you all me, geen, and support
wishing you all have a great day in game or in real life
from now on this forum its now for BP only, this is like our site
if needed share anything just posted its here
by me
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PostSubject: Re: Try to install new update...   Sat Apr 12, 2008 5:12 am

If you need a new account, I can do one for you, I will put the ID you want and the password you want, then you may change it.

Then after, why can't u unistall 2moons? You may go in unistall/add programs, then unistall it, or simply erase Acclaim folder in Program Files

Then you download it again, then install it and play

For the rest, I hope you have fun in your life and you success Very Happy I'm happy you will have your father's company Smile
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PostSubject: sweet   Mon Apr 14, 2008 5:14 am

so sweet of u sapien Smile missed u in field..hpe to see u soon and good luck on your new task ..tc flower
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PostSubject: Re: Try to install new update...   

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Try to install new update...
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